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I had the opportunity to work in New York – I stayed in Manhatten and took the train to Yonkers. The week had been sunny but very humid but today the sky let loose and the rain came down in torrent, the lightening blazed and the thunder crashed while I was trying to finish up with my training. I was supposed to meet someone later for a blind date, but they cancelled at the last moment, but I was thinking about first dates as a got off the train at Grand Central and walked back to my hotel…

They met in the restaurant near Times Square that they had agreed on by e-mail. A mutual friend had told they about each other and both figured "what the heck" and decided to meet. What is the worst that could happen? They have written a few notes back and forth and knew something about each other, so it wasn't hard to find each other at the restaurant. Their friend was right, they did hit it off. They talked about hockey and horses, gardening and fiction, karma and energy. The even knew some of the same people. They talked long after the dishes had been cleared and had taken care of the bill. They decided to walk around, no place in particular, just see the sights. She was from New York and he from out of town, so they walked and she told him about some of the building, what were some good plays, other good places to eat around the Square. As the night drew on, they could both feel something happening. They walked holding hands, at ease with each other. They had wandered by Rockfeller Center when the first drops started. The stopped under an eve to wait for rain to stop, but instead it kept getting worse. Both were thinking the same thing, but she said it first "I'm not afraid of getting wet." So they started walking again, this time through the steadily increasing rain. The rain didn't stop they, in fact it felt really good. The night had been hot and humid and rain was refreshing. But the rain also caused magic to happen. The rain seemed to wash away the awkwardness of a first date and the feeling between them got stronger. The laughed in the rain and they walked, almost dancing. The moment was so full of life that he twirled her around, grabbed her and kissed her. He expected her to be surprised and maybe slap him, but she surprised him. As playful as he had started, she kissed him with such depth and intensity that he could feel her energy and her passion flow into him. It was like the moment had just clicked perfectly and the rain caused the stars to align perfectly. The stood in the rain and the lights and the other people swirling around them, but they were perfectly alone, together, for that one moment in time that seems to have stopped as they kissed in the rain.


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Saw you on ModelMayhem. I like what I see there and here. Your style is so CLEAN. Not too busy. Hope to hear from you soon.